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What are the stem cells

Did you know that in every seven years, our bodies aren’t the same as it did? Thus, the cells in your body are constantly dying and new, healthy cells replace them; in seven years, your body is yet again completely built up of new cells. It makes you think if you would consider that the body you have before doesn’t exist anymore.

Now that’s just a little bit of taste for Science because, in the latter parts, we are going to delve deeper into how fascinating our bodies actually are. If you are that kid who would always sleep through class because “Science is such a boring subject,” then stay for a little while because this part of Science is actually quite interesting.


The repair system of the body

During a very early stage of development, the stem cells are responsible for every tissue and organ in the human body. As said earlier, the replacing of the tissues- and also the ability to repair and regenerate it- is through the power of the stem cells to heal the body.

The adult stem cells may come from different sources such as embryos, bone marrows, and blood vessels, just to name a few. These stem cells also have the capability to develop into different types of cells.


Throughout one’s life, sad to say, it’s inevitable to avoid getting caught up in an accident – might it be getting scratched or falling out of a bike. If the stem cells were absent during that collision or incident, there will be an endless flow of blood since the stem cells’ job is to heal the wound through blood coagulation to prevent further blood loss.

It’s amazing how an individual has been living for a long while now but they never actually notice the changes that their bodies are having. It’s also amazing how science works from the bigger things to the most minuscule detail.